Not much is happening, just working …


And exercising every night.  I usually walk 45 mins. and do squats from the Squat Challenge.  My neighbor and I are up to 110 tonight.  It ends at 250!  We said we are going to keep it going. Do 250 every day, then add another challenge.

I have about 9 – 10 clients I am actively working which means I’ll close 3 – 5.  I already have 3 leases next month and 1 for June.  I’m excited about that.  What I am not excited about is Mandy’s inability to tinkle.  She hasn’t done anything today and it’s 1:40 PM!  She ate her lunch and is resting now, so I hope around 3 PM I can get her to GO! Oh the joys of parenting a canine 🙂

Loving Mr. Anderson,


PS: Just got my lunch delivered from Campisi’s on Lovers Lane.  Calamari, dinner salad, and a diet coke. A slice of heaven.

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