Anticipated Wedding Date


We would really love the date to be at the end of the Summer, but there are factors to consider.

1. Venue Availability
2. Business Operations
3. Family
4. And of course – Finances

Having said all of that, the date I would love to be married is August 24, 2013. If you know anything about numerology (which I don’t, but I like it), that date equals the number 2 (8+2+4+2+0+1+3). The number 2 represents the ultimate survivor and an extremely resilient force. The 2 has an in-born sense of music and rhythm that makes them popular among any social crowd, and it is in the lighthearted arena of play and art that they shine as a dancer and a conversationalist. Within a social environment, the most important asset is a sense of humor that is witty. As a partner, the number 2 will defend you at any cost and their loyalty is unshakable. However, they are emotional. In short, the number 2 is a sensual, graceful, loyal partner who can be a bit demanding, but is worth the trouble.

Totally defines us đŸ™‚

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