Wedding Date – August 25, 2013


We chose it because it was my grandparents anniversary. We will be married at Breckenridge Village in Tyler, Texas at 2 PM. The reception will be there as well. We haven’t sent out the invitations, but they will definitely go out this week. They must! We are taking some much needed R&R in Tyler now. I bought the dress on Saturday at Brides and Belles. A Da Vinci gown on a super, two day sale rack. An unbelievable price, I couldn’t pass up.

Today will be spent doing a little bit of work and taking Jeremy’s son, Kaiden, to the movies.  He is 6 and will start kindergarten this year.  A lot of change is happening this summer.  We open our office this month, we get married next month, and will most likely move into a new apartment in September to start our married life in a new place.

So happy to be sitting next to my love this morning drinking coffee and watching The Today Show.

– Ashley (soon to be) Anderson

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  1. Both Jim and I are excited and thrilled to welcome you into our family. You have made our son the happiest young man in the world. You have been prayed for since he was a little boy and you are a blessing to our family and to all those whom you meet. May God give you both wisdom, joy and grace for the adventure you are beginning! We love you both so much!


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