Calling all Web Developer friends … Need Assistance!


I received this message from a friend: “Google is changing their ranking systems on April 21st to rank mobile-friendly sites higher.  It’s easy to check with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. How does your site test?”

I did it with my website Ashley’s Apartments LLC and got this: Not Mobile-Friendly: Ashley’s Apartments LLC

I reached out to my current web peeps and whereas I don’t expect them to work for free, I am a single momma startup and need to cut costs. This was her reply, “Hi Ashley, Yes, that is correct that Google will be favoring Mobile friendly sites soon. They actually already are, but they will be getting even stricter about it. Your site is not Mobile responsive. It is what is referred to as “pinch and zoom” meaning on a mobile screen, you have to pinch and zoom to see the screen. If you want to make it Mobile Responsive, I would recommend switching the site over to WordPress. That would make the entire site easier to manage, and you could even make small adjustments yourself! It really isn’t difficult to maintain. We could of course set everything up. The other option would be to add the code to the current site, to make it responsive. This would probably take about as long to switch to WordPress, and it might have to be rebuilt.”

SO, I get it. My site either needs to go WordPress or a custom build to get it mobile friendly which I understand is imperative to continue to be acknowledged by Google.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips? Help?



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