I usually like to sleep on difficult decisions, but this one was easy …

I usually like to sleep on difficult decisions, but this one was easy …

I received an email from someone named Mr. Young, <protesttaker@gmail.com> dated:03/28/2015 11:11 PM (GMT-06:00). I know his first name, but I decided to be polite and refrain from using it. [See below]

“I was shown your job posting online for an intern and I want to be blunt – you seem very full of yourself in the post. To ask an intern, that you are asking to work like a slave for air, for 6 months during a peak time of year, to not only research the company, but also the broker is absurd! For what? Why? Are they signing up to be your personal assistant? Does this make you feel powerful? You give brokers who actually want great talent, and who have the budget to pay them, a bad name. God bless the poor soul that allowed you to use them this way for some unknown amount that will be derived from a secret number and bogus calculation you made up. I usually don’t respond to stuff like this, but this is up there with the worst I’ve seen. I’m sure that you spent a good deal of time coming up with your over worded, arrogant post, but I hope that after you settle down from the shock of receiving this email you really think about what you are doing and how you’re going about doing it. I’m sure you’ve worked hard to obtain what you have but this is unacceptable. Good day!”

So my reply at 4:07 AM when I am up with a hungry baby was, “Mr. Young, A couple things, I appreciate your opinion. I have had over 100 people apply for this position and there is a possibility of making well over $10,000, but I did not want to post that number because I would have had too many applicants and too little time to read resumes. I have been licensed in the real estate industry for 13 years and this industry is a commission only field. You must not have a sales background. You certainly have a right to express your opinion, but it sounds like you are an inexperienced high school student. Anyone in the business world knows what it takes to work hard and get rewarded well. I’ll send you a copy of the check I write at the end of the Summer. Best of luck to you in your chosen field.”

His reply, “Not a high school student. Actually a real estate investor for over 25 years with an MBA in Accounting. Have a good day.”

My final reply to this ridiculousness, “Mr. Young, To my point, not a sales background nor does it sound like you are someone who wishes to develop young entrepreneurs. And, I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for you that you felt the need to waste your time on a Saturday evening to reply about a position that doesn’t concern you. I was trained by a prominent Commercial Real Estate Broker who manages accounts for the Union Pacific Railroad, General Motors, and The State Fair of Texas. I have been in board rooms with major C level executives since the age of 15. My ultimate goal is to be a Civil Litigator in Real Estate Law and plan to make the majority of my business built on pro bono cases helping people who get screwed in this industry. I may be sitting across a mediation table from you someday and if it is to fight some investment gone bad, I look forward to the day. Again, I wish you well in your chosen field. You have been blocked, so your reply will not be read and most likely will bounce back to you. Have a wonderful Palm Sunday!”

Warm Regards, Ashley D. Stanley, Real Estate Broker/Owner/Founder of Ashley’s Apartments LLC
[My guess is he is in his early 50’s seeing that he has an MBA plus 25 years of work history. The real question is, “What kind of person attacks a single mom who is a full-time Graduate student and a full-time business owner?” One who is insecure and threatened by a strong female. I am by no means a feminist, but do I believe in the power of a woman’s determination to better her child’s future as well as her own life without the help of a man. You betcha! #StartupFamilies #mydtd #DSW15Forever
With Love,


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