3 days until the big 36 and look what I had to deal with …


This person has a recent criminal arrest and he is trying to tell me it will not show up on his record because it is not a conviction. I’ve consulted with an Attorney and she confirmed it will, which means I have to be thorough when I receive details about the charge and convey those details to each property he is applying to so we can determine if he will be approved or denied. I’ve been doing this 13 years. I know what needs to be disclosed. He decided to take it to social media.

Bad Review - Chris Stewart2

My response: I’m sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately, you have a charge on your record that is of a sensitive nature and it hinders you from obtaining an apartment. I need to disclose this information to ensure you will not waste application fees and unnecessary deposits. Rest assured I never use names. I have a long list of clients over the last 13 years that have a criminal history and are very satisfied with my searching abilities because I found an apartment that was perfect for their budget, location, and move-in date. When dealing with “multiple” issues like these I have to be thorough. It’s unfortunate you decided to write a negative review about your very brief experience with my company, especially since you are in the apartment industry.

[He deleted the review] 🙂

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